International Recruitment(外国人採用・留学生採用)

ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a multinational company with a history of over 120 years, renowned for its fast-moving consumer goods and OTC drugs. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, with various domestic and overseas subsidiaries. Although we were initially known for OTC drugs, part of our DNA is to do the unexpected, and for the purpose of people and society’s well-being, we pursue businesses not limited to pharmaceutical operations. Our devotion to meet and exceed customer expectations is the core of Rohto’s business, which has been our main motivator and guidance throughout these years. Recently we announced our comprehensive Management Vision 2030, establishing the core areas we want to strengthen by 2030. With our spirit of "NEVER SAY NEVER" we strive to make every individual and society healthier.

To accomplish this, we are seeking people who can support and accelerate the growth of Rohto. The driving force behind Rohto is unquestionably the “people”. A truly diverse workforce is inherently stronger as it is highlighted by people from varying backgrounds with unique experiences, points of view, and knowledge. We believe that this plays an important role in maximizing creativity and accelerating innovation. Our way of working is by embracing the spirit of close cooperation, taking challenges, stir passionate debate and being action oriented.

A career at Rohto will help you realize your potential and push yourself to be the better version of you. Are you ready to take part in this journey?

Ideal candidate profile

Think Global, Act Local

"The current way is not necessarily the best way." With this perspective in mind, if you are able to translate your global perspectives to offer new insights and deliver new values in our very domestic workplace to achieve our management vision, it would be of utmost value.

Proactive & Energetic

Creating new things require curiosity, strong will and proactiveness to initiate. These are attributes we find vital, especially when you are applying your research background and experience to bridge Science to the Businesses of Rohto.


Flexibility of being able to play both (leader and follower) roles efficiently is valued, but most importantly to have your own hypothesis and being able to voice it out regardless of your role is most appreciated.

ロート製薬が常に大切にしていることは、顧客ニーズです。「Never Say Never」のスローガンの下で、お客様が本当に何を求めているかを研究し、製品・サービスを通して「健康」と「幸せ」を届けています。今やグローバルが当たり前の世界において、ニーズを研究する対象はひとつの国・ひとつの人種ではありません。それぞれの国の文化や価値観を互いに理解し合い、真に必要とされる製品・サービスを提供できるグローバルアイデアを生み出せるチームワークを私たちは必要としているのです。


We are now starting our recruitment activities for April 2024 entry.

Our recruitment style has changed this year and will be requiring pre-registry. If you are interested in joining us, please complete your pre-registry from the link mentioned below. (Only general information is required for pre-registry and should only take a couple minutes to fill out and submit) Only those that have pre-registered will receive information on how to proceed to official registry (CV) submission, so please do not forget.

Entry level positions in Research and Development

We are inviting pre-registries for Science majors (Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, etc) with Master or PhD degree, who is interested in R&D related positions (i.e. Basic research, Product formula development, Safety and Quality design, etc). Japanese level requirements vary on position, which will be explained in more detail after pre-registry.

Entry level positions in Business Development

We are inviting pre-registries for Humanities major (Economics, Commerce, Law, etc) or Science major with Bachelor or Master or PhD degree, who is interested in Business related positions (i.e. Logistics, Marketing, Finance, HR, International, etc). Requires JLPT N1, and high Japanese communication skills.

Steps for recruitment

  1. Please complete your pre-registry from the link below. (The pre-registry is the same for both positions and only general information is required at this time) The deadline for pre-registry is January 22nd, 2023.
  2. For those that have pre-registered with us by the deadline, we will be sending you a mail with more information about our recruiting positions and the criteria for each position with an invitation to an on-line Q&A session to clarify any questions you may have.
  3. Further information for official entry submission, such as CV and Research summary format and deadline, will be shared with only those who have pre-registered with us. (You will not be able to submit official entry without a pre-registry)
  • The schedule for recruitment will be disclosed in a timely manner, but the process will include several steps of interviews and other activities, and the final results of the recruitment process will be announced sometime around May to mid-June, 2023. The recruitment will be conducted in a mixture of on-line and face-to-face.
  • The details of the recruitment applied from here will be shared in English. If you are more comfortable with Japanese, please refer to the graduate recruitment site.
  • If you have any queries, please contact us at with the title as [Query concerning Recruitment 2024].