International Recruitment(外国人採用・留学生採用)

With a history of over 120 years, Rohto has always focused on the "customer needs". As in our company slogan "Never Say Never", we continue to challenge ourselves to deliver "health" and "happiness" to our customers through our products and services by studying the customerʼs lifestyle and ever changing environment. Over the years, Rohto has been expanding its global reach, and our products are presently available in more than 110 countries around the world. For us to continue growing, we need to capture/understand cultural and lifestyle differences and be able to customize the products to meet the customer needs in each country as well as conduct innovative research to keep heightening our technology. Our devotion to meet and exceed customer needs/expectations is the core of Rohto business, which has been our motivator and guidance throughout these many years, and we are seeking people who will join us to continue on with the legacy both locally and globally.

Rohto values


"The current way is not necessarily the best way." We strive to become active people who are not easily intimidated by borders and limits, and continue to challenge ourselves to find innovative ways to achieve the set goal.

Passionate & Energetic

Creating new things require passion, curiosity and strong will. "Passionate & Energetic" are attributes we find important, especially when we want to influence the world.


Achievements can only be accomplished through successful team work. The flexibility of being able to play both roles (a leader and a follower) effectively is valued, but most importantly to have your own thoughts and being able to voice it out regardless of your role is essential.

ロート製薬が常に大切にしていることは、顧客ニーズです。「Never Say Never」のスローガンの下で、お客様が本当に何を求めているかを研究し、製品・サービスを通して「健康」と「幸せ」を届けています。今やグローバルが当たり前の世界において、ニーズを研究する対象はひとつの国・ひとつの人種ではありません。それぞれの国の文化や価値観を互いに理解し合い、真に必要とされる製品・サービスを提供できるグローバルアイデアを生み出せるチームワークを私たちは必要としているのです。


  • Research & Development Scientist:
    Currently we have closed CV application for 2021/9 - 2022/3 graduates. Thank you for applying.

    Please keep an eye on this recruitment page for announcement of next term recruitment.
    We will also update here on recruitment on candidates from abroad when COVID-19 situation is under control, and travel restriction has been lifted without quarantine requirement.
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