International Recruitment(外国人採用・留学生採用)

Rohto Group has extended global network, spreading across more than 110 countries around the world. Besides 2 production plants in Japan, Rohto established 5 production plants across US, UK, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. In 2015, overseas sales account for 40% of global sales.

In the healthcare category, official regulations and people’s needs and preferences for products vary from country to country, depending on the culture and lifestyle. Accordingly, Rohto Group tries to capture such differences carefully and customizes products in the most optimal way. As we conduct production and sales under the theme “To offer what the people of that country demand”, we aim to broaden this endeavor throughout the world.

In our Research and Development Center, we proactively engage in recruiting with global talented professionals in order to deliver localized products and technology all over the world. We are seeking highly motivated professionals who would develop global products as well as bringing cultural diversity into our organization, connecting Rohto to the global community.




※ Non-R&D position should be applied from graduate recuritement site. (総合職・事務職を応募する方は新卒採用ページからエントリーしてください。)