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True Powers of Japan Rediscovered

Rohto Pharmaceutical got to agriculture as the way to achieve true health. We found there are many treasures in the countries of Japan that people living in the metropolitan areas have forgotten.

Uda City of Nara is a region famous for Chinese herbal medicine, with land known to grow crude medicine from ancient times.

However, even such regions had problems of their own, such as the decline of the crude-medicine industry and the lack of successors.

Coming to the conclusion that we must not let the rich local resousces to wilt away, Rohto Pharmaceutical formed a comprehensive tie-up with the Nara Prefecture in 2015.

Other than revitalizing the cultivation of herbal medicine, we will nurture young successors that have faith in the benefits of herbal medicine.

Rohto believes in a future where Japan will be revitalized starting from the rural areas.


Working with Regional Areas of Nara

Challenging recycle-based organic agriculture

Challenging recycle-based organic agriculture

Since ancient times, Nara has been the center of medicinal plant cultivation for Chinese herbal medicine. Agricultural Corporation of Handsome Garden was established to revive the once flourished herbal medicine and land by challenging recycle-based organic agriculture that does not use chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. Much of present-day agriculture heavily impacts the environment.

However, the traditional, recycle-based organic agriculture preserved up to just half a century ago enables harvesting agricultural products in superior quality using very little production materials though it requires much work.

Doing things on our own, that is the Rohto way

Doing things on our own, that is the Rohto way

People at Handsome Garden are those that have been working for Rohto Pharmaceutical.

Getting hands on agriculture for the first time, they encountered many difficulties such as measures concerning wild animals such as deer and boar, as well as battling summer weeds grown in undeveloped woodlands. Although nature can sometimes be hard to deal with, Rohto believes that we should try any inexperienced business including food and agriculture. This is the culture at Rohto. We will continue to face up to the farms with a belief that the health of individuals will support the future of Japan.

Creating an agricultural community

Creating an agricultural community

Another mission of Handsome Garden is to create new job opportunities in agriculture.

Rohto supports farmers that are having difficulties by providing know-how of various organic agricultural methods.

Other than providing production skills for crops, the main theme is to build a strong relationship between consumers i.e. people living in urban cities and producers through communication. For this, various events are being held other than learning the basics of organic agriculture such as harvest festivals in summer and autumn. Such events offer the perfect opportunity for producers to be stimulated by the customers. Widening the circle of communication between producers and consumers, Rohto hopes to create a place where people can associate with the memories of the land.

Comprehensive agreement with Nara

Revitalization of regional areas is an extremely important topic for the future of Japan. Rohto Pharmaceutical believes that there are things that only private enterprises can do. Even in the case of Nara, we believe that we can create new industry and future that could not be achieved through the government alone.

In March 2015, Rohto Pharmaceutical reached a comprehensive agreement with Nara Prefecture to work hand in hand. This includes branding and sales promotions of agricultural products produced in Nara, revitalization of farming villages, and nurturing of the bearers of agriculture. Rohto would like to remain as a company that supports the local communities in any way while learning the true essence of health through agriculture.