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A Pharmaceutical Company That Focuses on Health without Depending on Medicine

Medicine is simply great.

It cures illnesses, injuries and even soothes our minds.

But the ultimate goal of true health must mean the complete independence from medicine.

Such thoughts inevitably led us to focus on the source of the human body - food.

As an effort to promote healthy eating, we started providing Rohto's original home-style medicinal cooking to the employees from 2004.

In 2013, we opened Shunkoku Shunsai, a restaurant providing French-style medicinal cuisine.

We want to reach beyond medicine. Our new challenge for health based on food has just started.

Never Say Never For Food

"Shunkoku Shunsai," A French-style Medicinal Cuisine Restaurant

Shunkoku Shunsai, A French-style Medicinal Cuisine Restaurant

In April 2013, Shunkoku Shunsai, a French-style medicinal cuisine restaurant, was opened at Grand Front Osaka (Kita-ku, Osaka) as the first attempt at entering the food industry.

The restaurant is operated under a new concept of combining the skills and taste of Master French Chef Seizou Mikuni with Rohto's original household medicinal cuisine that utilizes the power of seasonal foods to improve health.

The restaurant is very popular, with customers lining up during lunch time.

Starting in 2004 based on the concept that those in the business of providing health must be healthy themselves, the Smart Camp welfare facility, providing services that combines household medicinal cuisine and relaxation, was born. The aim is to create employees that can work energetically with full awareness regarding health, so that such positive power and energy can be delivered to the customers through work. Additionally, the role of Shunkoku Shunsai is to promote and educate Rhoto's philosophy of how to create better health through food. Rohto will continue to support the vitality, health and smiles of our customers.

Yaeyama Farm, a Gift from Ishigakijima

Yaeyama Farm, a Gift from Ishigakijima

In 2013, Rohto Pharmaceutical ventured into agricultural business. Carrying out agriculture along with Yaeyama farm in Ishigakijima, Okinawa, Rohto is challenging the sixth industry that conducts everything from production to processing, logistics and sales. At the present, efforts are being made to develop various products using rare and organic made-in-Okinawa fruits such as pineapples, shekwasha and mangoes.

Staff members are also diving into the animal breeding business, a field that they do not have any previous experience for, from raising pigs and cattle to producing meat, ham and sausages from their own farm-raised animals. In the following year, they created livestock eco-feed made from pineapples. As a result, flavorful, sweet, and healthy pork meat, rich in oleic acid, was born. The meat was given the name Painu Pork, means southern porn in Yaeyama dialect, to show gratitude towards the rich nature of Ishigakijima and the support of the islanders.

If the venture into the agricultural field is to be unique to Rohto, it must not simply be delicious, but also thoughtfully healthy. The work of a mechanical manufacturer is completely different from the work involved with living things and life. The opponents are flora and fauna. They do not talk, but are alive.

At Ishigakijima, the Treasure Island for medicinal herbs, Rohto staff members are tackling daily challenges, and believing that endeavoring in these small daily challenges will pave the way for tomorrow.