Rohto × Regenerative Medicine

Unprecedented? Bring it On!

Rohto Pharmaceutical has been challenging new business fields, from stomach medicine to eye drops.

Today, skincare products dominate 70% of the sales.

We strive for the passion of making the people healthier.

We have conducted countless researches on how we can improve the digestive system, eyes, skin and health of people.

Now, we have embarked on a new frontier mission: regenerative medicine.

We would like to be the first to lead the way into this world of unknown.

We want to cure diseases thought to be incurable.

Such goals keep Rohto Pharmaceutical challenging the field of regenerative medicine.


Becoming the Forerunner in the Challenge to Regenerative Medicine

Worldwide recognition of regenerative medicine

Worldwide recognition of regenerative medicine

In 2013, Rohto Pharmaceutical established the Regenerative Medicine Research & Planning Division. Regenerative medicine refers to a new method of treatment of illness that uses cells and tissues. It has gained worldwide recognition as the means to treat illnesses that could not be cured before, and is the latest technology in medicine that has just started in Japan and in the world.

Medicine unique to Rohto

Medicine unique to Rohto

Rohto Pharmaceutical has carried out various types of businesses with the hopes of making Japan healthier. Hence, regenerative medicine that has the capability of treating illness that could not be cured before, as well as enriching the lives of people, is a very appealing challenge for Rohto. There are two reasons why Rohto, despite having never manufactured ethical pharmaceuticals, should challenge regenerative medicine. The first is that Rohto possesses the technology to handle cells and the technology to manufacture sterile products, both of which are needed in regenerative medicine. The foundation built by researching and developing eye drops and skincare products provides support for this new business. Another reason is that Rohto can only become the top runner because the field has just started in Japan and in the world.

Taking over as the top runner in the world with Japanese technologies

Taking over as the top runner in the world with Japanese technologies

There is no doubt that regenerative medicine will be one of the main industries of Japan in the future. The market scale is expected to be 2.5 trillion yen by 2050 in Japan alone, showing major potential even when compared to the market of OTC medical products (approx. 1.1 trillion yen as of present 2015).

In Japan, the road to the implementation of regenerative medicine will accelerate with reliable research results being used in business by universities, research laboratories and enterprises working together. Rohto also conducts collaborative research with research centers inside and outside Japan. In June 2015, Rohto built the Regenerative Medicine Research Center at Ryukyu University in Okinawa. Although regenerative medicine has captured attention from the world, Rohto Pharmaceutical will continue to develop technologies on a daily basis to become the top runner in the medical field that uses stem cells.

*Rohto Pharmaceutical is conducting research that focuses on mesenchymal stem cells originating from human adipose tissues. Latest technologies from these researches are applied to cosmetic brands.