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Health Leads to More than Health

It is our belief that health can be obtained with joy.

PALETAS frozen fruit bars were developed for this purpose.

Fresh fruit harvested at the peak season are full of nutrients.

Finally we got to the idea of "freezing fruits" to eat fresh fruits any time with the best condition and so delicious flavor.

Colorful fruits are not only appealing to the eyes but also have the tendency to uplift our spirits.

We want people to take something good for health with feeling tasty and fun.

We want to take a step further to ensure happiness that lies beyond being healthy.

For Rohto, your happiness is everything.


Freshness of Japan Captured in a Single Bar

The beginning of PALETAS

The beginning of PALETAS

As part of the agricultural business of Rohto, pineapples are grown carefully in Ishigakijima.

It all began when the present president of PALETAS saw the pineapples of Ishigakijima for the first time. Taking the ice bars "Paleta" in Mexico that freeze fruit juice as a hint, frozen fruit bar PALETAS was created using domestic fruit and various other ingredients. The result was a product of completely new category. Up until now, "overcoming the common norm, creating new proposals" has been the motto for Rohto in the field of medicine and cosmetics. This time, it is a proposal of a new way to eat fruit.

Rohto has been working diligently on a daily basis to deliver excitements and happy surprises.

Through PALETAS, we are hoping to deliver little bites of happiness to the people of the world.

Frozen fruit bar filled with ideas

Frozen fruit bar filled with ideas

Based on the firm idea of wanting customers to eat fresh, seasonal fruit as they are, the president of PALETAS himself visited producers all over Japan to meticulously select fruit and vegetables.

Fresh fruits harvested at the peak of their season are processed so that the fruits can remain soft even when frozen. This is not an easy task.

Technology unique to Rohto is used to realize this.

Without using artificial sweeteners or flavors, the product is flavored with the natural sweetness of fruit juice. The use of artificial colors and synthetic substances are kept to a minimum, so that the product can be enjoyed safely and without any concerns. This is how the original frozen fruit bars with unique texture and taste was born.

Visually appealing

One of PALETAS' characteristics is its display.

The display is designed with careful consideration on how to express the products'fresh, delicious, and even fun elements to customers. The freshness and unique combination of various elements on PALETAS stand out.

Browsing PALETAS lineup with more than 20 flavors at all times is much like strolling through a market or grocery store in a foreign country. The fun and deliciousness of PALETAS is not just something that can only be enjoyed by tasting. It begins when they are seen in the display.

Evolving further

Evolving further

The first PALETAS store was opened in Kamakura region, and other branches have opened in Kichijoji and Sakuragicho. In 2015, branches have also opened in Daikanyama and Tokyo Midtown to start a new challenge of operating a café. Products sold are not limited to frozen fruit bars, but also are extended to various new styles that incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables such as tarts and quiches. The challenge of PALETAS has only just started. It is a continuously evolving venture to create and deliver new ideas of 'Japanese seasonal freshness'. Rohto will continue to endeavor for this venture for the future of the world.