Rohto × Skincare

Not Irrational, but Outside the Box

True beauty is rooted in health — this was Rohto Pharmaceutical's belief for skin research.

This is where we encountered Dr. Obagi's SHR (Skin Health Restoration).

"The skin has the natural power to make itself beautiful. By unleashing this power, anyone can gain a healthy and beautiful skin."

It is the groundbreaking theory which changes traditional cosmetic common sense.

Sharing the same belief on beauty through healthy skin, Rohto Pharmaceutical developed and released a skin lotion with high-concentrated vitamin C by gathering advanced technologies.

We received positive feedback from many people on the completely new texture of the product.

Such out-of-the-box skincare philosophy has later expanded to the release of Hada-Labo, 50 Megumi and Episteme.


True Beauty Lies beyond Health

Kindness, Love and Reliability that Protect Your Skin

Kindness, Love and Reliability that Protect Your Skin

Rohto's real challenge towards skincare started with Mentholatum. Well-known for the Nurse trademark, Metholatum is in fact a skincare brand that has been around for more than 120 years. Its history began with a household skin ointment in 1894 in USA. This product, made with "kindness, love and reliability", continued to be passed from parents to children and loved by all ages for a long time.

Forty years have passed since Rohto Pharmaceutical started manufacturing and selling the Mentholatum brand. At the present there are more than 216 products* in the lineup including those for acne, itches, rashes, athlete's foot and body odor.

'Always protect you from skincare problems, always by your side' is the devotion carried by the Nurse Trademark.

Rohto also wishes to carry on this mission for the generations to come.

*Number of Mentholatum products shipped between Oct 2014 and Sep 2015 in Japan.

Rohto and Obagi unite

Rohto and Obagi unite

It was the latter half of the 1990s when Rohto, while looking for the next move, met with Dr.Obagi. Rohto received information that there is a specialist in the U.S. performing groundbreaking skincare research, and that many Japanese as well as celebrities have travelled abroad to seek his care. It was then when Rohto was introduced to the SHR (Skin Health Restoration) theory. According to Dr.Obagi, beautiful skin is synonymous with healthy skin and that it is important not to just moisturize but also restore the health of skin from the inside.

Sharing the same belief of making beauty through healthy skin, Rohto developed and released a skin lotion with highly concentrated vitamin C.

Sales actually creates the brand

Marketing for Obagi C took on the way of providing information to attract customers and coming into stores to receive counseling, rather than handing out samples. The sales staffs learned from scratch the fundamentals of cosmetics that they had never experienced in sales and described the appeals of the product to store clerks. Though there was never any flashy advertisement for the product, such diligent efforts spread the news about Obagi C and the product became a major hit in the second year, exceeding two billion yen in sales.

Going beyond Obagi

Going beyond Obagi

Rohto's challenge towards functional cosmetics has just begun. GokuJyun hyaluronic lotion combined with super hyaluronic acid created with our hopes to deliver cosmetic products containing ingredients that are truly good for the skin at an affordable price. It was a major step of establishing a major brand name Hada Labo in the popular price range.

Episteme, meaning "true knowledge" in Greek, is a total skincare brand for anti-aging, released in September 2009 gathering the research and latest technologies of Rohto Pharmaceutical.

Rohto aims at true anti-aging care by focusing on the latest knowledge on aging, photo-aging, oxidation and even glycation.

At the service counter for Episteme which is the first department store brand for Rohto, customers will find a skin consultant having the same wish to create beautiful skin together with customers. Episteme's skin consultant provides face-to-face support by actually examining the skin and conversing so that the experience towards everlasting beauty is personal and unique. Rather than providing a customer handling manual, the sales staffs learn a wide range of knowledge concerning the body and health based on inner and outer beauty. The true essence of beauty is rooted in health, and Rohto's hopes can also be found here.