Compliance and Risk Management


In accordance with the 'Rohto CSR Code of Conduct' we thoroughly practice compliance.

Our System for the Promotion of Compliance

At Rohto, we are actively striving towards the permeation of compliance awareness; our CSR Committee promotes the penetration and thorough enforcement of company rules, the fostering of a corporate culture that protects our code of conduct, and the construction of internal systems and mechanisms to support this.

Striving Towards the Permeation of Compliance Awareness

Our Compliance Manual

At Rohto, we distribute a manual to all our employees detailing the ethics and values they should protect. This ensures that they can check our code of conduct when they need to make a difficult decision in their everyday tasks or when dealing with customers or clients.

Our CSR Code of Conduct Manual

Our CSR Code of Conduct Manual

We are reinforcing our system of risk management as a group and promoting activities to prevent or reduce various risks.

Section 1 Rohto's Business Activities
As a pharmaceutical company, we promise to respect our customers and clients, observe the law and compete fairly.

Section 2 Rohto and Us
We prioritize behavior that does not break the law or our ethics code over profit, and will strive to create a working environment with fair and just treatment.

Section 3 Rohto and the Community
We promise to practice activities for the safety of the environment, promote activities that contribute to society and provide accurate and timely information.

The Establishment of a Whistle-blowing System (The Rohto Hotline)

We have established the 'Rohto Hotline' as a system of accepting reports or consultations from any group employee. This system is used as a way for an employee to report or consult someone when they find something they think is going against our code of conduct.
We prohibit the whistleblower for being treated unfairly because of their report, and take the utmost care handling their personal information so that they cannot be identified. We also effectively utilize consultation networks that use worker's unions and external organizations.

Risk Management

Our Promotion System

We are reinforcing our system of risk management as a group and promoting activities to prevent or reduce various risks.

Our Measures

Dealing with Pandemics
In April 2009, Rohto created policies to deal with pandemics as part of our crisis management system after the outbreak of a new strain of Type A Influenza (H1N1).
More specifically, we established a Crisis Management Committee system, and have prepared to secure the safety of our business and workers by preventing the spread of infectious diseases from our employees and their families based on the committee instructions and occupational physicians in the event of an epidemic etc.