Our Way of Thinking and System

Our Basic Way of Thinking

At the same time as fulfilling our social responsibility, our company is striving to gain the trust and meet the expectations of our stockholders, consumers, customers, staff, and all other stakeholders, and achieve co-existence and co-prosperity. We are aware that to do this, the enrichment and reinforcement of our corporate governance is an important management issue.
We have prepared our management organization system and enforced the necessary policies to guarantee transparency and fairness in our management and deal with changes in the management environment promptly and accurately. We have also enacted the Rohto CSR Charter and Rohto CSR Action Guidelines and are promoting regulatory compliance as a basis for our compliance system based on our corporate identity and philosophy.

Our System for Guidance

Our System for Guidance

Our Basic Way of Thinking Regarding Our System for Internal Control and its Implementation

Rohto recognizes the goals of our internal control as 'guaranteeing the validity and effectiveness of our work', 'guaranteeing the reliability of our financial reports' 'compliance' and 'the safety of our assets'. We have appointed two employees to our Internal Audit Office, an organization independent from the Business Management departments to implement internal audits from a 'fair' and 'objective' perspective in cooperation with the auditors.
With regards to risk management, we have established a Crisis Management Committee to deal with unforeseen circumstances, and have come up with a system to promptly deal with dangers and prevent losses or escalation while listening to the opinions of our lawyers and other external advisors.

The basic policy for our system to eliminate organized crime is 'dealing with these antisocial forces and groups that threaten the order and safety of civil society and damage the development of a healthy economy and community in a firm and resolute manner.'
When a case occurs where one of these groups makes an unreasonable claim, we collaborate with the police and related groups to deal with the problem.