Support for the Areas and People Affected by the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

Those affected in the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami disaster have our solemn condolences. The Rohto Group is working to support the disaster-affected people and areas for their quick recovery.

What We Are Doing to Help


We have donated a total of 100 million yen to the Japan Platform and Ashinaga to go towards helping the thousands of people affected by the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami and restoring the local areas. We also continue to ask our entire staff body and group companies for donations.

Our Newly Established 'Disaster Relief Support Office' for the Support of Orphaned Children

To put our CSR activity policies of 'supporting the next generation' into practice, we thought we would like provide to long-term support to children orphaned by the disaster, in their studies and everyday life.
Also, as part of our corporate responsibility to society, we put 10% of our CEO's monthly salary towards our activity funding for a year starting in April 2011 as part of our measures to provide full-scale, continuous disaster relief.

Providing Medicine

Using industry groups, we provided the affected areas with eye drops and other medicine as part of our emergency relief activities.

Measures to Save Energy

We are making efforts to save energy by turning off billboards outside and reducing our energy use within the office. We provide as much support as we can for the swift restoration and revitalization of the disaster-affected areas and people.

Our Disaster Relief Support Office

The members for our newly established Disaster Relief Support Office have been decided. Six staff members were chosen including a woman from Fukushima out of the many people who applied. We all hope that we can provide support to the next generation of children, especially those who lost their families in the disaster, from a long-term perspective.
It is our first such endeavor and we feel like we are fumbling around in the dark, but everyone is preparing for our future activities with passion and hope in their hearts.
We would like to express our thanks to everyone for all the warm words we have received from individuals and groups since the establishment of the office was announced.