Areas of Strength

  • 3 Basic Positions to Create New Products

    3 Basic Positions to Create New Products

    Discover consumer needs and create truly desired products
    Reflect consumers’ voices to product development

    Develop product with new idea based on extensive technical know-how
    Create highly effective products with added-value

    Highly advanced R&D system based on evidence
    Pursue co-development with professional to produce highly effective and safe products

  • 3 Columns to Support “High Quality & Efficiency”

    3 Columns to Support "High Quality & Efficiency"

    Ueno Techno Center: concentrating leading-edge technology and various functions
    Submitted FDA Part 11 as the first among Japanese pharmaceutical companies; obtained ISO9001/13485 aiming for globalization

    Osaka Plant: pioneer of manufacturing
    Source of manufacturing technology continuing to accumulate experience and know-how for the future

    Contract Manufacturing: high-level manufacturing with technological capabilities
    Providing better products to more customers

  • 3 Approaches to “Rohto-style Marketing Strategy”

    3 Approaches to "Rohto-style Marketing Strategy"

    Deeply involved direct in-store follow up
    Proposing effective "shopping place" by information sharing and role sharing

    Powerful multi-channel marketing (wide distribution coverage)
    Providing different strategies and varieties of products for each channel

    Communication strategy responding to changes of the times
    Introducing new communication strategy responding to changes in customers' lifestyle and information behavior