Supporting technology development for eye care products
Rohto Nickname : Monmon
Joined 2012 / R&D
Basic Research Development Division

What did you find most appealing about Rohto?

I was first attracted by Rohto's "frank", "global" and "challenging" culture when I listened to their company introduction at a Foreigner Career Forum. Also I felt I could make my dream come true (making people's life better) with the products of Rohto.

What was the most rewarding moment so far?

Now I am working on building fundamental technologies and in charge of pharmacological tests of eye care products. Because every product is closely related to consumers, it's important not only focusing on technical innovations, but also to make consumers know and understand our technologies. A memorable work for me is conducting a research on contact lens disinfectant with an authoritarian ophthalmologist in contact lens field. After so many discussions and trials, we could find a new function of the disinfectant and presented it at academic conference, news release, and academic papers. I think this finding can contribute to contact lens solution development and was glad to be able to deliver my research to others and have more people know about our technology. This experience had become a great fortune for me, and influenced my way of working.

What advice can you give to people interested in Rohto?
What kind of people would you like to work with?

[Have an image of yourself in the future, work hard and eagerly to keep improving yourself]
I think it's important to have an image of your future self. That way, you will be passionate from the bottom of your heart and try to overcome any difficulties you may face. When you work hard, you will make new findings and be able to improve yourself.
[When in trouble, try to think of multiple solutions but also inform others of your situation]
When you face a problem, instead of trying to bury it, you should share with others so that way we can discuss together. It's an effective way to reach a good result/outcome quickly. Of course it doesn't mean you should not think of the solution yourself. It is always important to think deeply beforehand and come up with couple of solutions to suggest when discussing with the team. If you analyze and understand the situation deep enough, you can discuss in deeper depth with others and get better suggestions.

What is your dream?

I want to keep on improving my skill in making products. In the future, I want to go abroad and make available the good quality products as in Japan. And if necessary, make the products even better by making modifications based on the culture and customs of that place. My dream is to make better life for people with products closely related to their daily life.

What do you like to do on your time off?


I love exercise and good food ever since my childhood. I used to go work out in sports gym nearby several times a week for a couple of years, when I first started working at Rohto. Currently because I got busier, I made it a rule to run 10km at least once a week. I feel relieved and relaxed after running. My other enjoyment is seeking good food. I become so happy, especially after the first bite of delicious food. Chinese food is always my favorite. This is a picture taken in Shisen (Sichuan), China when I went to eat famous Shisen (Sichuan) spicy food.

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