Supporting formula development for skin care products
Rohto nickname : Phat-chan
Joined 2016 / R&D
Skin Care Product Development Division

What appealed to you most about Rohto?

I am from Vietnam and in my home country, Rohto is well-known as a big health-care company. I had wanted to work in a health related company so I was very interested in the company when I heard that they were planning to take interns at Rohto Japan. Japan as a country also is highly reputed, whether it be for its technology, culture, people and/or working environment. Once I was accepted to join the internship, I found Rohto members to be very friendly and helpful, and I was greatly impressed about Japan and Rohto from the first day and am still enjoying that feeling today. I believed that the welcoming atmosphere of Rohto and their promise to continue delivering good health to people were things that I could aspire to, and felt that Rohto will give me the chance to explore new things.

What was the most rewarding work/moment so far?

I joined Rohto in Nov. 2016 as a skincare formulator. I am mainly in charge of developing new formulas in the washing product categories. Studying from my "senpai" (seniors) and co-workers is very educational and I am learning a lot through this experience. They encourage me and show me where I can make improvements, and they take interest in my work and share thoughts and ideas with me to enhance my output. My "senpai" told me, "You are a fast learner!", which highly motivates me and helps me push past my limits to grow even more. We had a company event where R&D members shared innovative ideas and newly developed formulas to other company members (not just within R&D staffs but to other divisions such as Marketing, Sales, and Logistics). There, I was able to present new formulas that I have developed in face wash, body soap and deodorant. I was especially happy to receive very positive responses on one of my formulas. With the help of my colleague, we are currently working hard in hopes to be able to utilize this formula to create a product for the Japanese market!

Was it difficult for you to adapt to the working/living environment in Japan?

Before I joined Rohto, I have never lived abroad, so this was my first time to go outside of my home country. I was nervous at first but from the preparation of internship to actually moving to Japan, Rohto's Human Resources have helped me greatly. The company helped me apply for my Visa and have also helped me search for a place in Japan (there is a support for payment of my rental home). I was most worried about the language barrier, but after joining, the company provides the non-Japanese employees Japanese classes so that we can learn the language to help us enhance our performance at work and communicate freely. Everyone speaks in a mixture of Japanese and English, so I am not facing any big problems with the language. Training from my "senpai" and co-workers are thorough, and I know that I can always ask anyone for guidance if I face any problem. Also I have the foreign member community in Rohto which I can rely on at all times as well, whether it be work-related or personal.

What is your dream?

I find Rohto's environment to be a great place where I feel comfortable in challenging myself above my limits. I have many opportunities to try new things and learn from many people. My current interest is to expand my knowledge and experience as a skincare formulator and make good use of it in developing new products, but I am also open to challenging myself to new jobs or roles within the company or in Rohto's foreign subsidiary companies. I hope to gain a lot of success together with Rohto company on the present position or becoming a pipeline between Rohto Japan and Rohto-Mentholatum Vietnam in the future.

What do you like to do on your time off?


I usually interact with friends who are now studying at Japanese Universities. Also, spending time with my colleagues (mix of Japanese and non-Japanese members) brings me a lot of joy with the life in Japan. It is great to be able to see another side of them outside of work and know more about their life story. Aside from that, I also enjoy sightseeing. Japan is so beautiful, and since I live in Osaka, it is very convenient to go to Kyoto, Nara and Kobe too. I especially enjoy Kyoto because of the scenic view during the changing of seasons (cherry blossoms, maple leaves and snow).

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