Mitochondrial transfer approach to find materials for recovering cell function

2018年9月19日:国際化粧品技術社会2018(IFSCC 2018)

Mitochondria are intracellular organelles that produce energy necessary for various activities within cell. It is known that mitochondria cause functional impairment and quality deterioration of the cell due to genetic mutations and environmental factors such as ultraviolet ray, stress, etc. Cell which is damaged by mitochondria produces reactive oxygen species and may cause aging. Recently, it has been reported that the function of damaged cells was improved when the mitochondria were transferred from undamaged to damaged (= mitochondrial transfer). In this study, we constructed a method that easily detected the rate of mitochondrial transfer in skin cells and utilized it to screen mitochondrial transfer affecting materials. As a result, we found materials that promoted or suppressed mitochondrial transfer in skin cells. Also we clarified whether the transfer affected the donor cells or recipient cells. Currently we are elucidating the detailed mechanisms of those materials in mitochondrial transfer, and investigating biological function of skin cells before and after the mitochondrial transfer.