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Kunio Yamada, Chairman & CEO

Kunio Yamada, Chairman (CEO) and President

Rohto Pharmaceutical celebrated its 117th anniversary of foundation on February 22, 2016, and made a fresh start together with its new CI (corporate identity) 'NEVER SAY NEVER'.
Since its founding, Rohto has developed a wide range of products, from digestive medicines, to eye drops, dermatological ointment (such as Mentholatum), and from the year 2000, beauty products such as "Obagi" and "Hada-Labo". Since 2013, we have tried our hand in the food industry in areas such as agricultural business and restaurants, as well as the medical industry where we are exploring regenerative medicine, the front line in the medical industry. We are always on the go, aiming to become a 'company that provides every solution for your health and beauty'.

Many people may associate Rohto Pharmaceutical with eye drops and pigeons.
However, skincare products make up 60% of our sales, and nearly 40% comes from overseas.

Up until now, Rohto's history has been forged by pioneers with the Rohto spirit of 'commitment', 'challenge' and 'doing what most people won't' that has been passed down for generations. We have succeeded and failed, challenging ourselves to create beauty products that defy conventional wisdom and tackle issues that everyone thinks are impossible; 'doing it because it's difficult'.

And now, Rohto Pharmaceutical, together with its new slogan 'NEVER SAY NEVER', will take on a new challenge. 'NEVER SAY NEVER' roughly translates to 'nothing is impossible', but this does not mean 'devoting' ourselves to our work; it is a declaration that we will be prepared to overcome challenges for someone, for happiness in the end.

What we aim for is to challenge the concept of 'healthy life expectancy'. Health is something everyone wants. It is the source of happiness. But the 'health' that we envision is not just not getting sick. By being healthy, your family becomes healthy, and this health spreads throughout the community. Not only are your body and mind healthy, you contribute to society. This is what we regard as real health.

One of Rohto Pharmaceutical's 'Seven Pledges', our corporate philosophy, is "Our people are our greatest asset. Our hard working culture, spirit of close cooperation, determination, passion and leadership provide the fuel that drives the company." We are continually striving for a world where the people are healthy, feel a sense of achievement from contributing to the community and lead active lives because we believe in the strength of people.

The 'health' that our company aims for cannot be achieved by us alone. We want to create it together with our customers from Japan and all over the world. Companies from all different industries produce products and services for your health. Information is also endlessly accessible on the internet. We want to do something to help everyone live healthy and active lives every day by determining what is really necessary and which information is correct.

When you do something new or do something no one has ever done before, sometimes you are isolated and sometimes you are opposed. It takes courage, but new value will never be born unless you take the first step.
We don't mind being called 'healthcare heretics'.
We will continue to take on new challenges.
Stand your ground, challenge yourself, don't fear.
"Support the community and make tomorrow a healthy place'. For the new Rohto Pharmaceutical, our challenge starts now.
Please continue to give us your support.

Kunio Yamada, Chairman (CEO) and President

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Chairman (CEO) and President

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