Message from the Top

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support of the ROHTO Group.

Kunio Yamada, Chairman & CEO(Right)・Masashi Sugimoto, President and Chief Operating Officer(Left)

Kunio Yamada, Chairman & CEO(Right)
Masashi Sugimoto, President and Chief Operating Officer(Left)

To date, we have taken on a variety of challenges in areas such as skincare, food, agriculture, and regenerative medicine, going beyond the framework of a traditional pharmaceutical manufacturer, in order to make people healthier and more beautiful in their body and mind. This desire and approach will not change in the future. Also, looking beyond Japan to the world, we feel that there are many things we can contribute to in various regions.
The basic concept of our business strategy is to create a unique business by organically combining various health and beauty fields while looking to the future of society. Through these strategic actions, contributing to the betterment of health will continue to be our unique strength in the future.
We will actively work on our overseas business, which has greatly helped support our growth so far, and expand the number of international employees in our domestic research facilities. In addition, in each country, our employees will learn deeply about the daily lives of the local people, identify the needs of each community, and promote tailored product development in order to foster two-way globalization.
We also believe that, to create human and social health, we as a company must be healthy too. We will promote non-smoking and exercise habits to develop and produce diverse employees who can contribute to society and their communities through "external challenge work." Through such activities and with workstyles that go beyond company boundaries, we will foster diverse, dynamic human resources.

Going forward, what kind of society do we want to leave for the future?

We expect society to become ever more convenient with advancements in various technologies, but we maintain our commitment to growing "health."
We will strive together as a company to deliver beauty and health around the world by creating unique new products and services that go beyond expectations. All of our staff will strive with determination to "NEVER SAY NEVER" in order to make every individual, and society itself, ever more healthy.

Kunio Yamada, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Masashi Sugimoto, President and Chief Operating Officer