Purpose of our company “ROHTO” is to lead all individuals and society surrounding us to “well-being” by delivering “health” to people around the world through our products and services.

Well-being as envisioned by ROHTO A state of happiness that is fulfilled in all aspects, including physical health, mental health, social health, and the health of the environment that surrounds them.

ROHTO Group Comprehensive Management Vision 2030
—Connect for Well-being—

“Well-being” means that people feel energized both mentally and physically,
and they spend every day filled with laughter and happiness
throughout the various stages of their life.

ROHTO strives to be innovative in the fields of
medicine and skincare products, as well as other business areas,
so that people all over the world can experience
“Well-being” then together.

In order to fully realize this goal,
we closely “connect” members to those inside and outside of company,
We also “connect” organizations to each other.

We train our staff members in our chain of trust,
so that we can create an organization with a sense of unity
and then “connect” them to further people’s “Well-being”.

We has set "Connect for Well-being" as its management vision for 2030. Through its business activities, the company aims to contribute to Well-being of people worldwide and to realize a sustainable society that enables people to live healthy and happy lives.