Research and Development Activities

In a society where customers' lifestyles and environments are changing dramatically, we are constantly engaged in research and development so that we can make proposals with an eye to the future.
In addition to research and development in the fields of eye care, skin care, internal medicine and food in our existing Health & Beauty business, we are taking on the challenge of a wide range of fields in order to generate innovation in our various businesses.

  • Eye care

    Eye care

    Starting with ROHTO eye drops in 1909, we have continued to respond to customers' changing eye care needs over the past 100 years. As a total eye care company, we want to continue to be closest to our customers by making the eyes of people around the world healthier.

  • Skin care

    Skin care

    Since the launch of Mentholatum in 1975, we have made a full-scale entry into the field of topical pharmaceuticals and have been working on the fundamental care of the skin while staying close to our customers' skin problems. Research and development aimed at regenerating the skin's innate strength has led to the development of not only pharmaceuticals but also cosmetics for customers who want to achieve healthy, ideal skin.

  • Internal medeicine and food

    Internal medeicine and food

    In 1899, ROHTO Pharmaceuticals began with the production and sale of "Gastric Life" and its history has been passed down through the generations. Food is the most basic human activity necessary for maintaining good health. Without limiting the field or function, we will continue our research with the aim of realising the happiness that lies beyond healthy longevity, while keeping in mind fundamental care.

  • Regenerative medicine

    Regenerative medicine

    For diseases for which no cure has yet been found, we are taking up the challenge of regenerative medicine, a new treatment modality. There are many challenges to overcome, but we will continue to promote our business by integrating research and development and expanding our research and development areas.