Our way of Research and Development

Our DNA is to "Do What Others Don't"

Our DNA is

To date, our research and development has been based on our DNA of "doing what others don't do", and we have continued to boldly take up the challenge of tackling highly challenging issues.
As a pharmaceutical company, we are committed to achieving both effectiveness and comfort of use through our products and services, and to maintaining a high level of quality so that our customers can continue to use our products with peace of mind.

When a customer has a physical problem or distress, we not only offer symptomatic treatment, but also dig deeper to find out why the problem or distress is occurring, and look for the cause of the symptoms or disorder that may not be apparent.
If homeostasis is not working, we seek to find out where the cause lies and how we can re-activate the function, in order to provide the best solution based on evidence.

Organisational culture that generates innovation

Behind our customer-focused approach to evidence-based research and development and our ability to continue to generate new innovations is the existence of members with a strong spirit of challenge and a free and open-minded organisational culture, which is a strength unique to our company and not found in other companies, and is linked to our autonomous individual strength and advanced technology. This is a unique strength of our company that other companies do not have, and is linked to our autonomous individual strength and advanced technology.

Towards the realisation of Connect for Well-being

In the future, we will focus on social issues and diseases that may arise in a fast-changing society, and will think more thoroughly than ever from the consumer's point of view. In existing research areas as well as in new areas, we will be committed to extracting and maximising the power of life, and will push forward with evidence-based research and development.

We will continue to challenge beyond the boundaries of conventional wisdom, and realise our management vision of Connect for Well-being through strong organisational strength based on shared values, collaboration and co-creation with partners, in order to contribute to the health of people and society.

President and Chief Operating Officer Masashi Sugimoto

President and Chief Operating OfficerMasashi Sugimoto

Business domain vision

Business domain vision

In November 2019, the Company established the management vision 'Connect for Well-being' and aims to contribute to the realisation of a healthy and long-lived society by connecting (Connect) a wide range of businesses, not only pharmaceuticals and skincare, so that people around the world can experience Well-being for as long as possible. We aim to contribute to the realisation of a healthy and long-lived society.
At the same time, we have clarified the business areas on which we will focus our efforts and defined our 'Business Area Vision' as the image we aim to achieve in each area.

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ROHTO Group Comprehensive Management Vision 2030