Intellectual Property Activities

Basic Policy for Intellectual Property Activities

ROHTO Pharmaceutical  engages in activities for intellectual property based on the following basic policies.

  1. Respecting Others' Intellectual Properties

    • To respect and prevent infringements on others' intellectual property rights, we check and confirm those others' rights in the research and development stages and new product launching and take necessary measures depending on the case.
  2. Obtaining Intellectual Property to Enhance the Value of our Research and Brands

    • We strive to protect our technology assets and enhance the value of our products' brands by securing the outcome of our research and development and our brands' equity (i.e., their naming and design) as intellectual property rights, such as patents, design rights, and trademarks. In addition, our utilization of intellectual property rights obtained across the Group has been driving the Group's business growth.
  3. Promoting Open Innovation

    • We are advancing the set-up of the framework under which new value can be created by collaborating among the Group companies, universities, and other corporations.
    • For the intellectual property rights obtained, we also start working on bringing them back to society, as necessary, to contribute to the development of society.