• 1899~1969

    On February 22, 1899, Anmin Yamada founded Shintendo Yamada Anmin Pharmacy with capital of 3,000 yen and started sales of "Ikatsu," a gastrointestinal medicine.
    This is the beginning of ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • 1970~1999

    ROHTO acquired the Mentholatum trademark rights from a US company, The Mentholatum Co., Inc. This acquisition provided ROHTO with a foothold in entering the skincare market in a bid to make the Mentholatum brand into a third pillar of business and also becoming a global company.

  • 2000~

    After year 2000, Rohto continued to launch new skincare brands including Obagi and Hada-Labo and expanded its business domain to health and beauty care.