CSR Code of Conduct

Rohto CSR Charter

Rohto Pharmaceutical Company promotes CSR activities of placing emphasis on the corporate philosophy, based on the following ten principles. We take the initiative in working on the realization of this spirit.

  1. We provide safe, secure and quality products and services.
  2. We make fair and free competition and conduct sound business activities.
  3. We disclose company information in a timely and appropriate manner to advance transparency of our business operations.
  4. We respect employees' human right give consideration to their health and safety and treat them in a fair manner.
  5. We actively work for conservation and protection of global environment.
  6. We encourage social contribution activities.
  7. We resolutely confront antisocial groups.
  8. We place strict controls on personal information.
  9. We appropriately manage company assets and information and prepare fair books and accounting records.
  10. We make clear distinction between business activities and private ones.

Our System for CSR Promotion

The Rohto Group is currently trying to improve the CSR awareness of the entire staff body and promote important policies while collaborating with responsible departments for the promotion of our CSR activities. In FY 2009, we restructured our organization system so that we could adopt a more flexible approach to each CSR activity theme.

Relationship with Stakeholders

To fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a corporation, the Rohto Group strives to reflect activities that gain us trust from our stakeholders in our business, and position this achievement as a promise to our stakeholders.

Relationship with Stakeholders