Strategic Business Partnership between ROHTO MediLuxe Europe and EMA AESTHETICS


ROHTO's New Entry to Medical Aesthetics in EMEA region: Strategic Business Partnership between ROHTO MediLuxe Europe and EMA AESTHETICS

Feb 1, 2024

ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan; President: Masashi Sugimoto) and ROHTO MediLuxe Europe S.A.S.U. (Paris, France; CEO: Nobuhiro Hirasawa), a subsidiary of ROHTO Pharmaceutical hereafter referred to as ROHTO MLE, are pleased to announce a strategic capital and business partnership with EMA AESTHETICS Limited(Dublin, Ireland; CEO: Malcolm Wall Morris), hereafter referred to as EMA.

Background and Objectives of the Strategic Alliance:

In recent years, the global medical aesthetic market has garnered attention for its high efficacy and benefits, surpassing the pace of the mass skincare market. The EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) has been leading global trends in medical aesthetics, alongside North America, with anticipated high growth and potential future impact on Asia and Japan.

EMA is expanding its business of non-invasive aesthetic treatment devices globally, originally started from EMEA region, while the ROHTO Group possesses foundational research and formulation development capabilities in healthcare and skincare, actively conducting business in more than 110 countries around the world, mainly in Japan and Asian markets.

This alliance is expected to provide an opportunity for the ROHTO Group to expand its medical aesthetic business in the EMEA region and other areas, taking the opportunity of an innovative approach leveraging the strengths of both companies.

Nobuhiro Hirasawa, CEO of ROHTO MediLuxe Europe says;

This partnership is not only based on the synergy between innovative devices and regenerative medical expertise along with unique skincare formulation technology, but also on the synergy of EMA's ability to continuously create new businesses and ROHTO's thorough customer-oriented approach. At the milestone of our 125th anniversary, we are excited to enter the dynamic field of aesthetic medicine, crossing borders from Paris, and look forward to proposing new value to the world.

Malcolm Wall Morris, CEO of EMA AESTHETICS says;

Since its inception in 2019, EMA Aesthetics has consistently been a pioneer in aesthetic products. Our philosophy of continual innovation, driven by our dedication to surpass industry norms and exceed stakeholders' expectations, has been pivotal in our journey. The partnership with ROHTO signifies a key moment in our trajectory. Jointly, we are poised to push the limits of aesthetic products, enhancing our worldwide presence and reiterating our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Establishment of ROHTO MediLuxe Europe:

ROHTO Pharmaceutical established its subsidiary, ROHTO MediLuxe Europe, in France on October 6, 2023. Using France as a base, the company plans to explore new businesses and generate demand for next-generation products, considering the deep historical and geographical ties with regions like the Middle East and Africa.

Company Overview:

ROHTO MediLuxe Europe S.A.S.U.

CEO Nobuhiro Hirasawa
Director Hidetoshi Segi
Address 22 Boulevard Malesherbes, 75008 Paris, France
Establishment October 6, 2023
Business Investment and business operation in medical aesthetic and other health and beauty field


Founder Elias Chabtini, Malcolm Wall Morris
CEO Malcolm Wall Morris
Address Palmerston House Fenian Street Dublin 2, Ireland
Establishment 2019
Business Manufacture and sales of medical aesthetic devices and cosmetics and IoT business