Formulation development for skin care products - Boon

Formulation development for skin care products Rohto name : Boon

Since 2018
Formulation scientist

Give one/few words for the following questions

  • Rohto is a place that I can see my growth continuously.
  • Work culture in Rohto is flexible, professional and friendly.
  • A typical working day entails exploration and experimentation in the laboratory, meetings, paper works, as well as lots of communication and thinking.
  • The company event I look forward to is the next big annual event (it changes every year).
  • In my time off I enjoy exploring Japan on my bicycle.

What made you choose Rohto over other companies?

I choose Rohto because I like the fact that the R&D scientist here has given a lot of freedom to explore the unknown and pursue our own interest in research field. Also I realize that this workplace is quite foreigner-friendly, compared with other companies.

What are your experiences as a foreigner working in a Japanese company?
Or what was your first month in job like?

Albeit I felt the pressure being in a new environment (Rohto and Japan) as a foreigner during my first month, team members and colleagues around me never failed to remind me of the warm and family-like culture we have in Rohto. Soon after, I started to realize that Rohto is not the traditional Japanese company that I expected. Find it out yourself!

What's your favorite recent project you have worked on and why?


One of my favorite recent projects I have worked is on introducing the sensory analysis technique that I have learnt oversea to the team. It is fun and fulfilling when you know that you can always contribute your perspective and knowledge to the team, and then subsequently propose and execute your ideas with the full support from the team!