Design and execute alternative safety evaluation tests - Hasan

Design and execute alternative safety evaluation tests Rohto name : Hasan

Since 2017
Basic Science researcher

Give one/few words for the following questions

  • Rohto is passionate about perfection.
  • Work culture in Rohto is friendly and motivating.
  • A typical working day entails experiments, meetings and discussing new ideas.
  • The company event I look forward to is Kazoku kai (family day) in spring.
  • In my time off I read books, play soccer and hang out with friends and colleagues.

What made you choose Rohto over other companies?

I liked the concept of Rohto being a total health care providing company and making happy surprises to the people. I felt that passionate energy and never say never to perfection attitude. Moreover, Rohto is expanding globally whilst having a footstep in Bangladesh (my home country). I believe all these core positive vibes and turning it into effective action helped my decision to join Rohto.

What are your experiences as a foreigner working in a Japanese company?
Or what was your first month in job like?

Being a foreigner and coming from academia was a huge step for me at the beginning. I was nervous but the friendly atmosphere helped me a lot. Everything was new experience to me. Meetings, discussing new research topics with various divisions have been a great learning experience with regards to communication and sharing passion about working for a happy society. I am really grateful that my division manager gives me freedom to work with different teams which taught me a lot and expanded my vision to a great extent.

What's your favorite recent project you have worked on and why?


As I have already mentioned, my division manager gave me full freedom to work on various research projects. Recently, I collaborated with a research lab in the UK and our research project received a substantial funding from the UK University for one year. On top of that, part of this research has been accepted for publication as well. Many researchers outside industry have a wrong belief that industrial researchers do not have chances to publish research article. In Rohto, we are shattering such myth and setting up example through our work.