Development of analytical method for all drug related products - Thao-chan

Development of analytical method for all drug related products Rohto name : Thao-chan

Since 2016
Analytical scientist

Give one/few words for the following questions

  • Rohto is never say never.
  • Work culture in Rohto is mainly based on negotiation and coordination.
  • A typical working day entails both project / innovative and routine business.
  • The company event I look forward to is the company trip.
  • In my time off I cook.

What made you choose Rohto over other companies?

Rohto has been a very well-known company in Vietnam since I was a kid. I saw lots of Rohto advertisements on TV and until now I can vividly remember their theme song. In 2015, Rohto was recruiting in Vietnam and I also had just finished my Master's degree, so I applied. After two weeks of internship in Osaka, I started to understand more about Rohto working culture and I was pretty sure this was the right place for me. Up to now, the working environment is still fresh, foreign-friendly and full of energy.

What are your experiences as a foreigner working in a Japanese company?
Or what was your first month in job like?

From the very beginning, I was so nervous because this was the first time I decided to work abroad and the destination country was Japan. This country is listed as one of most unique cultures. I have to say, Japan is too special compared to other parts of the world. Furthermore, my Japanese level was literally zero at that time. As a result, I faced lots of "culture shock," but I think the real problem comes from the way we perceive the situation. The first thing I did was to be aware that I was working within a different culture. I tried to take and absorb things slowly, so as to not jump to any conclusion without careful interpretation. Meanwhile, my Japanese colleagues also understood the situation and helped to make things easier for me. Gradually, I became familiar and comfortable within Japanese working culture.

What's your favorite recent project you have worked on and why?


Recently, I'm in charge of evaluating a product for acne treatment. I think this is a tough work for me since there are so many things I have to learn and improve to work on this project. However, this project also creates chances for me to build up my analytical skills and contribute to the development of Rohto product. I love seeing myself working on this project, where I can solve problems and improve day by day. Finally yet importantly, it also makes me feel the sense of bringing secure feeling and pleasure to customers more than ever.