Evolving into "Integrated Health & Beauty Care" Company

Launched  functional skincare brand "Obagi."
2002 Acquired the shares of MG Pharma Inc.
2003 The Ueno Techno Center began operation of skincare production.

Launched a sensitive skincare brand "Promedial."

Business and capital tie-up concluded with Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd.
2004 Launched "TAKTY" a specified health food.

Launched basic skincare brand "Hada-labo."

The Mentholatum Company, Inc. (USA) transferred the business of "OXY" brand of acne treatments.
Opened "ROHTO Research Village Kyoto" laboratory in Kyoto, Japan.

Launched "OXY" as a men's skincare brand in Japan.
ROHTO Research Village Kyoto
Acquired the shares and the management rights of Meguro Kako Inc.

Launched "50 Megumi" a brand targeted the middle-aged women.
50 Megumi
The Tokyo Branch relocated to a new building.

Launched "ROHTO V11" eye drops.
2009 Mr.Kunio Yamada and Mr.Toshiaki Yoshino assumed the office of Chairman/the office of President, respectively.

Launched "ROHTO Alguard Contact" eye drops.

Launched a high-end skincare brand "Episteme."
Entered a retail channel for department stores.
2010 Launched "Pansiron 01 Plus", a  gastrointestinal medicine.

Established ROHTO Pharma (India) Pvt. Ltd. and ROHTO-Mentholatum (Bangladesh) Ltd.

Advanced into emerging markets.
2011 Set up the "Earthquake Reconstruction Support Office" for children who lost their parents due to the disaster.
2013 Opened a restaurant-deli-cafe “Shunkoku Shunsai” in the “Grand Front Osaka” building in front of the JR Osaka Station.

Set up a new division, “Regenerative Medicine Research & Planning Division.”

Set up the “Grand Front Osaka Office” and moved a portion of the headquarters operation to the new office.
2014 Launched a new skincare brand, “SUGAO.”

Released “ROHTO V Active” a new type of eye drops.

Obtained the “Guinness World Record Certification” for No. 1 annual sales of OTC (over the counter) eye care brand products.

Launched another skincare brand, “CareCera.”
2015 Acquired the share of Mayado Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which became a subsidiary.
2016 Set a new slogan, “Never Say Never,” to create ROHTO’s corporate identity.

Started offering free gynecological exams for female workers.

Started promoting “In-House Double Jobs” and “Outside Parallel Careers” programs.

Acquired A.J. North (Pty) Ltd, a manufacturer of toiletries in the South African Republic, which became a subsidiary.

Acquired OPHTHALMOS S.A., an eye drops manufacturer in Brazil, which became a subsidiary.

Obtained a license for the “Manufacturing of Cell Processing Products” by the ROHTO Stem Cells Processing Center in the ROHTO Research Village Kyoto.
2017 Introduced “Allowance to Support Child-Raising” for single mothers and fathers.

Declared the day of June 10 (“six” is “roku,” and “ten” is “toh” in Japanese) as “ROHTO’s Day” as certified by the Japan Anniversary Association.

Launched Japan’s first clinical trial study for ADR-001 of allogeneic adipocyte tissue-derived cell stem drug products for cirrhosis of the liver.
2018 Started offering free serum ferritin test.

Declared pursuing the “Health and Productivity Management” and announced approaches to be taken toward 2020 (measures for potential patients for adult lifestyle-related diseases as well as the promotion of women’s health and cessation of smoking.)

Mr. Kunio Yamada assumed the office of Chairman (CEO) and President.

Started offering free rubella vaccination.

Released “ReGRO EX” a hair-growing agent for men.
2019 Introduced “Aruco,” an in-house currency system to support workers’ efforts toward improving their health.

Mr. Kunio Yamada assumed the office of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
Mr. Masashi Sugimoto assumed the office of President and Chief Operating Officer.
2020 Acquired the shares and the management rights of Nitten Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Established the “Medical Institution Support Office for COVID-19 Response“.

Announced the first domestic clinical trial of regenerative medicine using allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells for COVID-19 severe pneumonia.
2021 Acquisition of shares of Olympus RMS Co., Ltd. (currently Interstem Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary).

Obtaining manufacturing and marketing approval and sales of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) antigen rapid test kit.

Acquired shares of Amato Pharmaceutical (subsidiary).
2022 Completion of new factory building C at Ueno Techno Center.