Evolving into "Integrated Health & Beauty Care" Company

Launched  functional skin care brand "Obagi."
2002 Acquired MG Pharma Inc.
2003 Ueno Techno Center began operation of skin care production.

Launched sensitive skin care brand "Promedial."

A business and capital tie-up concluded with Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd.
2004 Launched "TAKTY," a specified health food.

Launched basic skin care brand "Hada-labo."

The Mentholatum Company, Inc. (USA) purchased "OXY" brand of acne treatments.
Opened "Rohto Research Village Kyoto" laboratory in Kyoto, Japan.

Launched "OXY" as a men's skin care brand in Japan.
Rohto Research Village Kyoto
Launched "50 Megumi," a brand targeted the middle-aged women.
50 Megumi
Tokyo Branch relocated to new building.

Launched "Rohto V11" eye drops.
Rohto V11
2009 Kunio Yamada and Toshiaki Yoshino appointed chairman and president.

Launched "Rohto Alguard Contact" eye drops.

Launched high-end skin care brand "Episteme."
Entered department store retail channel.
2010 Launched "Pansiron 01 Plus" gastrointestinal medicine.

Established Rohto Pharma (India) Pvt. Ltd. and Rohto-Mentholatum (Bangladesh) Ltd.

Started exploring emerging markets.
2011 Earthquake Reconstruction Support Office founded.