Sales to customers were roughly flat, a decrease of 0.1% year-on-year to 96,884 million yen.

Among the core eye care products, the new "V Rohto Premium," contact lens products and hay fever products sold well. Among skincare products, although sales fell for the "Hada-Labo" series, which continued to face increasingly fierce competition, the "DeOu" men's deodorant brand sold strongly while the "Melano CC medicated intensive spot correcting serum" and other products also performed well, helped by demand from foreign visitors to Japan. Moreover, the launch of internal medicines and food-related products, including the "Tsuraresu" series, new from the Chinese herbal medicine brand "Wakansen", that respond to women's troubles, also contributed to sales.

Segment profit (operating income) increased 4.7 % year-on-year to 10,040 million yen, due to an efficient use of other selling, general, and administrative expenses, although up-front investments in new business fields, such as research and development costs, increased.