Quality Policy

In order to provide reliable and safe products, we established our Quality Policy in January 2004, and all members work together in accordance with this policy in their daily operations. Our Quality Policy is reviewed to keep pace with the times and the expansion of our products with the aim of constantly meeting the growing needs of our customers and patients. In April 2022, we introduced a new Quality Policy, having reviewed the previous policy with a view to ensuring higher quality and safer use of our products by customers as we make a full-scale entry into the prescription medicines business. We will pursue even higher levels of quality and safety for all our products and activities.

ROHTO Pharmaceutical

Quality PolicyQuality Policy

ROHTO pledges to provide all people with happiness and security by

  1. ensuring compliance and endeavor to communicate the truth;
  2. controlling risks based on scientific evidence and pursuing high quality and safety; and
  3. valuing the communication and continuing to improve by promoting transparency of information.

President and Chief Operating OfficerMasashi Sugimoto

Our Quality Policy is a guideline for providing safe products. First, we distributed “Our Principles Card” to have all of our members understand the Quality Policy, and posted a Quality Policy Board in each facility. It is essential to accumulate many years of effort in order to maintain quality. We will continue to disseminate our Quality Policy to all members so that they understand the Quality Policy and act accordingly


ROHTO handles everything from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and from products for general customers to products for medical use. As a result, the necessary regulations span a wide range of areas and are extremely complex. However, we strive to understand the meaning of regulations and the importance of compliance through company-wide compliance training and other means.

Scientific Rationale

When we make judgments, we always make them on the basis of scientific evidence, that is, numbers.We declare that our products can be used with peace of mind over the life of their use, that only safe products can be launched, and that we will make correct judgments based on this concept through all our activities.

Transparency of Information

We do not create walls between members, between superiors and subordinates, or between departments, and we constantly exchange information through daily conversations and regular meetings.
This is accomplished through activities such as lot names and open offices.

Continuous Improvement

We are not satisfied with the current situation, and we always think about what we can do to enhance customer satisfaction and peace of mind, and we are prepared to improve our products and review our systems.