Initiatives on Animal Testing Alternatives

Animal testing is indispensable for researching and developing drug products and medical equipment that contribute to human health. To conduct animal testing in our laboratories properly in terms of science and animal care, ROHTO stipulated internal rules according to the “Act Concerning Humane Treatment and Management of Animals,” the “Basic Policy on Animal Experimentation Performed at Research Institutions under the Jurisdiction of MHLW,” and other guidelines.

In addition, ROHTO set up the Committee for Animal Ethics to examine and ensure any animal testing plan is developed according to the principles of the 3Rs: “Refinement” to minimize the pain and suffering of research animals, “Replacement” to employ animal testing alternatives, and “Reduction” to minimize the number of animals used. Further, we conduct a self-inspection to verify that animal testing is properly conducted.

In this connection, ROHTO had an inspection and assessment by an independent institution (the Center for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care and Use of the Japan Health Science Foundation) and was accredited as an institution properly conducting animal testing.