Communication with Customers

Inquiries/Information Provision

Initiatives at the Customer Security Support Desk

We have established the Customer Security Support Desk to respond to inquiries through telephone calls, Web websites, and chatbots. We are striving to respond with care, for example, by setting up a dedicated dial for our diagnostic reagents, contact lenses, and Kampo medicines, which are frequently asked by customers.
We support the beauty and well-being of our customers through products such as OTC drugs, functional cosmetics, and functional foods.
Since many products are delivered to customers through retail outlets, we consider it important to play the role of a "Customer Security Support Desk" where customers can listen directly to them.

Inquiry list

Providing Information to Customers through Web Website

As inquiries made by telephone take time in the event of an overtime, we are working to enhance the provision of information through our Web website.
In addition to providing information on existing products, we also search for pharmaceutical package inserts, search for retailers, and provide guidance on products that have finished manufacturing.

Customer support