Collaboration with Suppliers

ROHTO Pharmaceutical provides pharmaceuticals related to people's health and other products that are closely related to daily life. To earn the trust of our customers, we strive to develop and manufacture products that are of high quality and safe use.
Moreover, at the root of my thoughts are that we are working to support society and create the world of tomorrow, as stipulated in the Seven Pledges.
In order to realize sustainable growth for society as a whole, in addition to the economic value created by our core business, we will firmly hold an awareness of issues related to the environment, human rights, and legal compliance, and work together with our various stakeholders to fulfill the social responsibilities that the times demand.

For sustainable procurement

Manufacturing that is sustainable, safe, reliable, and of high quality cannot be realized on our own.
We place emphasis on cooperative relationships with our business partners, and are working together to provide products that are sustainable in procurement and that can be used with peace of mind, giving consideration to environmental conservation, resource protection, and human rights.
We have established the following Supplier CSR Guidelines. By disseminating these items to all of our suppliers and seeking their understanding, we are promoting socially responsible manufacturing throughout the supply chain.

CSR Guidelines for Suppliers


  • To pay consideration to the emission of global greenhouse gas, like CO2
  • To dispose of industrial waste properly or recycle it to the extent possible
  • To work on saving energy, including electricity and water, to the extent possible

Human Rights and Labor Environment

  • To prohibit child labor and forced labor
  • To comply with the statutory minimum wage
  • Not to discriminate against anyone based on gender, physical disability, nationality, and other personal attributes or factors
  • To guarantee the rights to organize and collective bargaining
  • To take appropriate measures to assure the safety and sanitation at the workplace
  • To conduct appropriate management of employees’ health

Prevention of Corruption and Other Compliance-related Matters

  • To prohibit offering and receiving of profits or benefits beyond a social norm
  • To properly manage and protect personal information and confidential information
  • To abide by other matters provided by laws and ordinances

Initiatives in logistics

Initiatives in sale