Employee Engagement

Fostering a Work-friendly Culture

We attach great importance to a corporate culture that promotes psychological safety in the workplace. Creating a culture is not something that happens overnight. We place great importance on creating a foundation in which employees can demonstrate their abilities.

Creating a Work-friendly Environment

Use of “-san” Suffix and Workplace Nicknames

In 1994, we began addressing all employees by the “-san” honorific suffix so that they could address each other by name rather than position titles, out of respect for the fact that all employees are important partners and equal in their work. Subsequently, the Company launched an initiative to further stimulate communication by calling each other by workplace nicknames. Workplace nicknames are used on employee ID cards, in-house newsletters, and in many other situations.

39 (Thank You) ARUCO Campaign

We have implemented the “39 (Thank You) ARUCO” campaign to encourage employees to express their appreciation for each other and to instill a culture of praise and recognition. “ARUCO” is a system that allows employees to earn internal currency (ARUCO coins) that they receive based on their implementation of healthy lifestyle habits. The coins can also be earned by expressing gratitude to each other. This naturally leads to the expansion of the circle of appreciation beyond departments.

Support for Voluntary Activities

ARK Project

Since 2003, we have been implementing the ARK “Thinking about the Future of ROHTO” project, in which employees proactively volunteer and participate in. With the participation of a wide range of employees, from young to experienced, we face and realize important themes such as the environment, social contribution, human resources, and health and productivity management. External Challenge Work (secondary employment) and Internal Double Jobs (concurrent positions) were also conceived and implemented in this project.

Promotion of Internal Connections

In-house newsletters

Through “Seiryu,” our paper-based in-house newsletter, and “SHI-ROHTO+,” our Webbased in-house newsletter, we communicate the latest topics at the time of issue, including new internal initiatives, messages from management, and personal anecdotes of our employees. “Seiryu” conveys the philosophy that runs through ROHTO and the ideas we wish to pass on, while “SHI-ROHTO+” conveys the latest news in a timely manner, help employees communicate with each other, and create new value.

Company-wide events

Through the “Grand Sports Day,” in which all employees participate, and the “Finish Line Challenge” walking event, we are building connections among employees and promoting their health. Volunteer project members plan and manage the “Grand Sports Day,” and participants, who are divided into teams in advance, prepare for the day of the event by practicing the competitions in their respective teams. Through this series of events, this initiative is designed to promote employee interaction and foster teamwork while having fun.

Improving the well-being of each individual

In order for the company and employees to grow together, ROHTO Pharmaceutical strives to encourage employees to understand and empathize with the company's goals, and to work enthusiastically and with a sense of fulfillment.
We have started measuring “Well-being Points,” in which each member is asked to express how he or she is “now” dealing with work on a daily basis with 1 to 10 points for five items. By reevaluating their own well-being and gain insights through discussions within the team, aiming for a better state for the team as a whole. The purpose of this program is to help build a stronger organization by allowing management to visualize where they are now and to have a dialogue about the the events and reasons behind the current situation. In order to achieve a society with well-being, we will practice management that enhances the well-being of our members, who are the bearers of that mission.

Review of Well-being (Well-being Points)

  1. I am able to serve and contribute to society through my work.
  2. I enjoy my work and enrich my life.
  3. I feel that I have grown through my work.
  4. I have goals for the future and have high expectations for my future career development.
  5. I am part of a team and contribute to teamwork.