Promoting Health and Productivity Management

We believe that health is the foundation for realizing personal growth and individual well-being, and we established the Health and Productivity Management Declaration in 2018 with the aim of “working at ROHTO to bring health benefits.”
ROHTO’s definition of “health” is not simply “not being ill.” “True health” is founded on both mental and physical health and allows us to bring passion (a sense of meaning in our jobs and our lives) to our daily work. We believe that employees possessing true health will support a healthy society as “healthy human resources.” We further cultivate “healthy human resources” by focusing on creating opportunities for employees to make their own positive efforts to stay healthy.

ROHTO’s Health and Productivity Management Declaration

Our aim is to become a company fully staffed by “healthy human resources” who will always be able to healthily thrive in their daily work. We hereby declare that we will strive to further promote health and productivity management so that our healthy employees will lead to a healthy society, and on to a healthy next generation.

Promotion System

At our company, under the Chief Human Resources Officer(CHRO), the Health Management Promotion Group of the Human Resources and General Affairs Division takes the lead in promoting health and productivity management initiatives in collaboration with the human resources and general affairs department of each base, Health Ambassadors, Safety and Health Committee Members, and Rohto Group Health Insurance Society.

Strategy Map for Health Management

As a part of efforts to drive health management, the Strategy Map for Health Management is developed to specify the areas that will lead to solving the management issues worky on programs for maintenance and promotion of Health Care.

Establishing Health Indicators as a Foundation for Well-being

We believe that health is the foundation for realization of well-being, and we have established health indicators that look ahead to the health of the next generation, in addition to those that prepare for current and future health risks. By setting specific targets, we promote health and productivity management with the aim of enabling each employee to review their daily life and make their own efforts toward the realization of well-being.

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KPI Present (prevention of presenteeism and absenteeism) Future (prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, physical diseases, and mental health issues) Next generation (prevention of health effects on the next generation)  FY2020
FY2021 results FY2022
FY2023 targets
Result indicators
(physical health)
Proportion of persons
with metabolic syndrome
or pre-metabolic syndrome
 12.4% 14.1% 14.8%
Proportion of persons (female) with anemia*1  14.3% 14.8% 14.2% 0%
Proportion with a lower health age than chronological age*2  48.3% 52.2% 59.6% 80%
Behavioral indicators
Proportion of smokers  0.1% 1.9% 2.8% 0%
Proportion using alcohol in moderation*3  69.9% 74.2% 76.9% 100%
Proportion sleeping for at least 6.5 hours  41.7% 37.8% 32.4% 50%
Proportion of persons taking 30 min. of exercise at least twice a week  28.9% 39.0% 38.3% 50%
Proportion of persons who walk 8,000 steps and practice 20 minutes of brisk walking per day  11.4% 14.9%
(52.3% *4)
(54.9% *5) 
  • *1 Anemia is defined as a hemoglobin levels of less than 12.0 g/dl.
  • *2 Lower health age than chronological age is defined as demonstrating younger results than actual age in terms of physical fitness measurement results (physical fitness age, walking age, brain activity age).
  • *3 A single serving is defined as less than approximately 360mL for men and less than approximately 180mL for women.
  • *4 Average during the walking event Autumn 2021 (3 weeks)
  • *4 Average during the walking event Winter 2022 (3 weeks)

Concrete Actions

In addition to enhancing health checkups and providing dental checkups and influenza vaccinations every year, we also implement initiatives that encourage employees to get involved and make health maintenance a habit. Moreover, since FY2022, in addition to the Human Resources and General Affairs Division and the Health Care Office, we have established an external contact point (The CARE) exclusively for Rohto employees, where employees can consult with qualified medical professionals (nurses, midwives, public health nurses) about various concerns such as pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, balancing illness and work, and mental health.

Expanding Health and Productivity Management to the Entire Group

In order to extend the health and productivity management that we are promoting to Group companies and employees’ families, we established the “ROHTO Group Health Insurance Society” and launched its activities in April 2022. With the increase in the average age of employees, we believe that regular checkups are very important as an initiative for early detection and prevention of diseases, and we offer a full range of health checkups. The Company has been conducting “specified health examinations” for those aged 30 and above, which are generally for those aged 40 and above, and now the entire Group is able to conduct such examinations. In addition, while each office and Group company had different criteria for health checkups, and understanding health status was an issue, it is now possible to visualize health checkup data for the entire Group and introduce appropriate measures. We will strive further to maintain the health of our employees.

External Evaluation

In March 2023, Rohto was selected as one of the White 500 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi. In February 2023, we were certified as a “Sports Yell Company 2023” by the Japan Sports Agency. The Company received “Bronze” level certification awarded for certification of five consecutive years and earned a “+” certification awarded to companies whose implementation rate of playing sports once or more in a week is at least 70%.

External Evaluation

Health activities with business partners

Women's Health Lab

To support the health of women and the next generation, we have been holding study groups since 2018 to learn, think, and act together to create the future, transcending the positions of business partners (retailers) and manufacturers.
Networks connect the world and all kinds of knowledge and information are easily disseminated, but biased information and excessive ideals are seriously affecting the health of women and the next generation. Thirteen companies participated in the fourth phase of the study group as colleagues who are learning and confronting the issues facing society.

Addressing Driver Health Issues

Amid the concern for a logistics crisis caused by driver shortages and soaring fuel prices, we implemented an initiative with one of our business partners, PALTAC CORPORATION, to not only reduce the environmental burden but also to promote the well-being of drivers by improving delivery efficiency. Since our products are mostly pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, they tend to be relatively small in size and each delivery tends to be a small quantity of a variety of products. Therefore, we are promoting initiatives such as bulk deliveries and ordering by pallet tiers. This has reduced the loading and unloading work that used to burden the drivers, and changing the delivery time enabled the reduction of waiting times at the delivery and pickup locations. The modal shift has led to a reduction in CO2 emissions as well as improved long-distance transportation for drivers.

Reduced loading and unloading time

Changed from non-palletized loading to palletized loading, thereby reducing loading time to 1/8 and unloading to 1/4 or less.

Reduced loading and unloading time

Changed the delivery time to the afternoon, which resulted in zero waiting time

Reduced driver waiting time

Implemented a modal shift by using trailers to reduce overland transport distance to 1/4.