Human Resource Development

We believe that producing "independent people" who contribute to society is also a major role for a company.
The seven Pledges, which are our corporate philosophy, also include the phrase "The first thing is that the company will thrive when people are present and shine." The main role is that each and every person will be self-reliant with their own will and strength and move the organization." We believe that the power and growth of people are extremely important.
We create a cycle in which both the company and the individual grow together by promoting organizational development and the provision of opportunities that focus on individuality so that each employee can autonomously carry out career development and skill development by demonstrating their individual abilities and personalities as professional workers.

Support for Diverse Workstyles and Career Development

We encourage our company members to go beyond the bounds of the Company and gain experience in positively impacting society with a variety of companies and organizations, and to transcend the barriers between divisions within the Company to actively engage with their work from multiple perspectives. We believe that these independent workstyles and self-driven initiatives will allow our employees to gain new knowledge and contacts and facilitate further growth. Respecting the individual and seeing shared growth for the Company with each new challenge pursued, we aim to maximize our efforts to create social value.

Strategic Human Resources Management Utilizes the Individual Talent

We have introduced human resources management tools that visualize employees’ individual backgrounds and areas of expertise to allow each employee to clearly set out a career vision. Using this as a basis, management are working together to promote deliberation of human resource that focuses on growth of the individual. In the hope that employees will relevant our corporate philosophy as their own, we are promoting Company-wide dialogue in order to bring together employees’ individual visions and our section and Company visions.

External Challenge Work program

This program recognizes diverse workstyles in the form of secondary employment. We believe that workstyles that go beyond the bounds of the Company allow employees to gain experiences that are difficult to access when working exclusively for the Company. Knowledge and experience gained in this way lead to significant growth and yield benefits for employees’ principal jobs. Our aim is to further expand our employees’ potential through their work in multiple jobs.

Internal Double Jobs program (concurrent positions)

This program allows employees to volunteer to work in another division of the Company within their working hours. By facilitating work beyond divisional limits, our aim is to allow employees to improve their skills and increase their job satisfaction, at the same time as encouraging them to explore their own new possibilities.

External Challenge Work and Internal Double Jobs

Asuniwa project: Supporting Entrepreneurs within the Company

This project provides support for employees starting businesses building on their own passions and ideas to tackle social issues. To be eligible, businesses must be in domains connected to Well-being, in line with our management vision, “Connect for Well-being.” We believe that the experience of starting a business will cultivate autonomous, self-directed people. As of June 2023, seven companies have been established.

Support for Learning and Self-improvement

People wotking here in ROHTO, we believe that it is our own initiative to career, and that individual aspirations are the driving force behind my own personal growth.
Growth as a professional worker requires not only knowledge, skills, and experience, but also efforts to enlarge human resources. It is therefore essential that employees continue to learn proactively with their own careers.
We support employees in their continued learning.

ROHTO Academy: supporting autonomous career creation for the future

We have set up an online study platform in order to promote self-motivated study aimed at career autonomy. Using videos, seminars, and other content, we are providing learning opportunities and working to foster human resources who will continue to develop of their own volition.

Well-being Support Room (with external partners)

Through consultations with outside experts about concerns related to careers, work, management, etc., the Well-being Support Room provides support for individuals' well-being and growth.