Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion

We will foster a corporate culture in which each and every employee understands the importance of diversity and in which diverse human resources can play an active role. We will also promote the creation of workplaces with high psychological safety. We will also promote the recruitment, training and promotion of diverse human resources regardless of race, religion, gender, age, gender orientation, disability or nationality.

*Priority issues

  • Promotion of active participation by women, employment of people with disabilities, promotion of global human resource recruitment, promotion of active participation by senior human resources
  • Promoting LGBTQ Initiatives and Diverse Working Styles


Promoting women’s active participation

We also maintain high rates for uptake of parental leave and return to work and are enhancing our support programs, including providing free gynecological examinations and nursing care leave.

Ratio of female managers

Global Human Resources

As of March 2023, 38% of the 7176 employees of the ROHTO Group are Japanese nationals. Overseas Group companies have worked hard to meet the needs of local residents by offering products and services that meet their lifestyles and preferences.
We value teamwork that creates ideas and new value that enables us to understand the values of diverse customers and provide truly needed products and services, and promote the appointment of global human resources.