Occupational Safety and Health

In accordance with its human rights policy, ROHTO Pharmaceutical recognizes that ensuring the safety and health of all employees and protecting their rights is a corporate social responsibility. and respect the rights of workers.

Basic Policies on Occupational Safety and Health

Based on the recognition that protecting the occupational safety and health of our employees is the most important issue for business continuity, we are working to create a safe and comfortable work environment based on our Basic Policies on Occupational Safety and Health

  1. In accordance with the Labor Standards Act and the Industrial Safety and Health Act, we aim to prevent and eliminate work-related accidents through thorough safety and health management in compliance with internal safety regulations and rules.
  2. We will strive to enhance employees’ awareness of occupational safety and health through education and awareness activities, and actively engage in 5S activities (sort, set, shine, standardize, and sustain the Discipline) in the workplace and the prevention and elimination of traffic accidents.
  3. Through the promotion of health and productivity management, we will promote both physical and mental health and support employee health management, so that employees can feel rewarded and fulfilled in life and can fully demonstrate their abilities. In addition, we will improve the working environment to promote a comfortable workplace.
  4. We will conduct regular drills and take measures before and during outbreaks of fires, natural disasters, epidemics of infectious diseases, etc., in order to enhance our ability to take response measures in an event of a disaster.

Management System

We have set a goal of eliminating all occupational accidents, from non-lost time injuries to fatal injuries. The Central Safety and Health Committees of each company play a central role in establishing priority measures for each fiscal year, and then implementing PDCA cycles to meet the needs of each business site.

Occupational accidents

To eliminate occupational accidents, we are working to reduce risks in both facilities and operations.
We also conduct safety audits and inspections to prevent workplace accidents and violations of laws and regulations.
In the event of an occupational accident, we investigate the cause of the accident and conduct safety inspections and countermeasures to prevent a relapse.

  • ESG Data (Human Resourse)
  • Efforts for improvement of traffic safety

    We use sales vehicles for the purpose of having sales representatives visit our business partners.Employees who commute to and from work, as well as buses for employees, are also used.We are committed to risk management by raising awareness of no accidents and no violations, and conducting daily traffic safety training for our sales staff.

    Prevent health issues resulting from excessive work

    We are actively promoting health and productivity management based on our corporate philosophy of "A company can live only when people are first and then shine."
    In addition to preventing health problems, we also strive to foster self-reliant, healthy employees who can manage their own health in order to make their own society healthier.
    The company is managing its employees so that they do not work excessively, based on the agreed time between labor and management.
    Specifically, we are promoting flexible working styles, such as flexible working hours and teleworking, as well as thorough labor management in the workplace and personnel departments using the attendance management system.
    In addition, as part of our regular health promotion activities, we hold interviews with industrial physicians and public health professionals for all employees based on long-term work data and health checkup data, and when necessary, we implement measures to restrict work.

    Mental Health Measures

    A stress check is conducted for all employees (94.6% of employees in fiscal 2021).
    In addition, we are working to prevent mental health problems by providing line care education so that immediate supervisors, etc. on the line of the workplace, can recognize the situation, talk to them when necessary, and work to connect them to industrial physicians.
    In 2022, we started a 24-hour consultation service for medical professionals from outside companies, regardless of gender or form of employment, in addition to consultation services provided by industrial physicians at each business site, so that employees who wish to seek consultation can easily receive support.
    We have also established Well-being support rooms in which outside counselors can provide advice including career advice.
    We have put in place a system that allows each employee to respond in a careful manner according to his or her situation.

    Labor-management relations

    Based on the recognition that sound labor-management relations based on mutual understanding and trust are important in the management of the company, ROHTO Pharmaceutical has concluded a labor agreement with the labor union in order to cooperate in maintaining and improving the development of the company and the labor conditions of the union members.
    The Company recognizes the legitimate freedom of union members to engage in union activities, and stipulates that labor-management councils shall be established and held regularly in order to prevent disadvantageous treatment on the grounds of such freedom and to ensure that discussions between the Company and the union are held on an equal footing.

    Corporate policy that supports the right to minimum and living wages

    We comply not only with labor laws and regulations, but also with laws and regulations concerning wage payments and amounts so as not to surprise the stability of employees' lives.